Did You Know?

1939 Academy Entrance Exam

california nautical school alvin gregory

C. N. S. gate at California City (now known as Tiburon), CA.
(Photo credit: Alvin Gregory (D-38)

Admission to Cal Maritime is now all about SAT/ACT test scores. However, in past years, the Academy had its own entrance exam. The Academy’s archivist has been able to find some sample questions from the 1939 Academy catalogue. Give it a try!

1. Accurately locate the following geographical entities: Galapagos Islands, Mobile Bay, Gulf of Aden, Bilbao, Colon, Wake Island, Republic of Georgia, Mt. McKinley, Orinoco River, Tientsin.
2. Briefly discuss the causes of the civil war in Spain.
3. What recent step has the United States taken toward the reinforcement of our neutrality in foreign wars?
4. What magazine or periodical do you regularly read? Why do you prefer this publication?
5. What do the following names signify to you: Oregon Trail, Bear Flag, Dust Bowl, Mason-Dixon Line, Alamo.
6. Discuss the present program of the government, looking toward the reestablishment of the United States as a principal maritime power.
7. Why is a fuse placed in an electrical circuit?
8. Why is the California climate milder and more equable than that of the Atlantic coast of the United States within the same latitude range?
9. What is the function of the carburetor of a gasoline engine?

How did you do? Would you have been admitted to Cal Maritime?
(Information provided in 2006 by Fran Fraser, CMA Historical Archivist/Library Assistant)


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