Pick Up Anywhere

link plus logoLink+ books can be delivered to a library near you, for pickup while you are away from your home library. Choose from a number of different pickup institutions and have your Link+ books delivered to the most convenient location. Books may be returned to any participating Pick-Up Anywhere library. Look for this service when requesting any Link+ book.

How do I use Link+ Pick-Up Anywhere?

  1. Search your library’s catalog for the item you wish to borrow.
  2. If your library does not own the item or if all of the copies are checked out, click the “Link+” button. Your search will occur automatically in the Link+ catalog.
  3. When you locate the item you wish to borrow, click the REQUEST THIS ITEM link.
  4. Choose the institution with which you are affiliated from the menu and submit:
  1. Enter the requested identification information, choose your preferred pickup institution from the menu and submit.

Participating Libraries:

Bay Area
  • Alliant International University
  • San Francisco Pacific Union College
  • San Francisco State University
  • Sonoma State University
  • University of San Francisco
East Bay Area/Central Valley/Nevada
  • Alliant International University
  • Fresno Alliant International University
  • Sacramento
  • CSU East Bay
  • CSU Fresno
  • CSU Stanislaus
  • Saint Mary’s College of California
  • University of Nevada, Reno
South Bay Area
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Mission Community College
  • San José Public Library
  • San José State University
  • Santa Clara University
  • West Valley Community College

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