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New movie: BOY

boyI rented this movie from my local video store, and I liked it so much we bought it for the library so all of you can enjoy it too! Boy was labeled a “Hidden Gem” and they weren’t lying! If you liked Once Were Warriors but cringed during certain scenes, then this is a lighthearted alternative for you! I can’t stop using exclamation points, I love this movie so much!

Taika Waititi is not only a phenomenal director, but he also stars as the long-lost father figure to Boy, who has had to grow up very fast as the man of the house. This has all the elements that I enjoy about international films. As the audience, we get to experience the joys and sorrows of a distinct regional Maori culture using humor, instead of overwhelming sadness. Although the film touches on elements of extreme poverty, drug abuse, death, domestic violence, and neglect, we get to see the world through Boy’s aspirational (sometimes delusional) desires for how he wants his world to be.

In addition, I highly recommend the phenomenal short film Two Cars, One Night, also by Waititi.

Reviewed by Margot Hanson.


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