New Databases

Read Thousands of Ebooks!

ebrary logoThe Cal Maritime Library has just acquired a new subscription database, ebrary. This database includes almost 100,000 full-text, searchable ebooks!!! (That’s right, three exclamation points!) The ebooks can be read on your computer, or “borrowed” on your mobile device. The books in this collection are focused on a wide variety of academic disciplines, and you can search the full text of the books to find the relevant chapters you need.

To recreate some of the benefits of reading physical books, the ebrary database has additional features such as a “bookshelf” where you can create a free account, and login to save books for later. You can also highlight passages and add notes to pages to remind yourself of important sections.

Check out the Quick Start Guide from ebrary to get a brief overview of the database and how to use it. It’s pretty straightforward for basic uses such as searching and reading, but the guide can clue you in to additional benefits that might not be obvious on first glance.

If you’re interested in downloading sections of a book in PDF format, or “borrowing” a book to read on your phone or tablet, check out the instructions from ebrary. We’ve tried out the ebrary iPad app in the library, and it’s a pretty pleasant reading experience. If you need help downloading the app and authenticating it for use with our Cal Maritime subscription, just give us a call or come visit us! 707-654-1090.


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