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Hidden Gems: Cronos

cronosCronos (1993) is about a combination cockroach-clockwork device that turns a sixty-something shopkeeper into a marble-skinned immortal. But since Cronos is also part of the Criterion Collection, it can’t be dismissed as shlock. It is as moody, intense and artsy as a film can be about a bug inside an egg that turns people into vampires

This is a prop movie, fascinated by the intricate working of the titular infernal device.  Cronos is Guillermo Del Toro first feature film and right from the get-go he betrays his fascination with complex brasswork mechanisms – steampunk before steampunk was cool (“Steampunk was cool??” –ed.) – and grotesque imagery (Del Toro was running a special effects film just prior to making this movie and it shows).  Warning:  this film has several disturbing images including  blood being lapped up off the filthy floor of a ballroom bathroom, graphic bodily transformation and mutation, and close-ups of Ron Perlman’s face.

You can find our copy of Cronos in the Blu-Ray collection.

–Reviewed by Mark Stackpole


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