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Hidden Gems: The Last Season by Eric Blehm

thelastseasonbigCalling all outdoor adventure story enthusiasts!  The Last Season is a book written about a High Sierra backcountry ranger named Randy Morgenson  who after 27 years working for the park service disappeared on one of his routine patrols.  The author Eric Blehm does a great job providing a background of the kind of person Randy was and his absolute affinity for nature. The reader discovers Randy’s personal conflict of trying to live in the real world and be a loving husband, but also wanting to delve deeper and deeper in the wilderness.  The book includes interesting details about the rescue mission, accounts by his friends and fellow backcountry rangers, and provides the reader with details on the beautiful landscape that Randy was so drawn to.  This book was a winner of the National Outdoor Book Award.

You can find this Hidden Gem in the Cal Maritime Library at the following address: SB481.6.M67 B58 2007.

–Reviewed by Jennifer Haupt


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