Maritime Library Field Trip!

Cal Maritime CrewLast week the staff of the Cal Maritime Library and Professor Tim Lynch took a trip across the bay to visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Following is a description of our trip by our host, Librarian Gina Bardi.

Maritime Education Committee’s Sail on the Historic Scow Schooner Alma
and Tour of Library and Archives

“On Thursday August 1 st, our Maritime Education Committee will be hosting a sail on our historic Scow Schooner, Alma. The Alma, built in 1891 by Fred Seimer at Hunter’s Point Shipyard, is a bulk cargo carrier. During her career she carried lumber, hay, salt and other commodities through the Bay and Delta. On our sail, Park Historian Stephen Canright will give a lecture on the history of San Francisco’s bustling waterfront. Alma Captain, Jason Ruckers, will talk about the history of Alma and how important scows like her were to trade and commerce on the West Coast. The sail starts at 8:30am and is due back at dock approximately three hours later.
After the sail, Librarian Gina Bardi will be giving a tour of the San Francisco Maritime Library’s collections and ways of accessing material in our library, archive and museum.”


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