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Hidden Gem: The Kiplinger Letter: Forecasts for Management Decisionmaking

kiplinger letterThe Kiplinger Letter employs a staff of editors and writers to distill information from thousands of sources, including newspapers, magazines, journals, websites, blogs, TV, radio and more.  They then use this information to present forecasts based on their years of experience and expertise analyzing patterns and trends on what is likely to happen in each area covered.

The Kiplinger Letter accepts no outside advertising and, as such, presents information on a range of sectors and issues objectively.  Some of these sectors and issues include: U.S. Government legislative priorities, the U.S. and World economy, Higher Education, Privacy, Energy, Human Resources, Health Care, Investments,  Foreign Affairs, and more.

All of this information is presented in a concise, 4-page weekly newsletter.  The Kiplinger Letter does the environmental scanning and predicting so you don’t have to. Enjoy a breadth of knowledge unattainable on your own.  Know the future!

You can find the Kiplinger Letter in the “K” section of the Library’s current periodical shelves.

–Review by Rick Robison


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