Halloween Movie Marathon

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and darker, and it’s the time of year to turn off the lights, grab some friends and a blanket and have fun watching some scary movies.  Halloween is just around the corner and we have the movies to get you prepared. I have compiled a list of titles that were recommended to me along with ones I have liked.  They will definitely give you goose bumps and make you look under the bed and in your closet before you go to bed. I also included some fun, lighter titles too. These titles will be displayed on top of the Reference section for easy access.

Here is my list and enjoy.

–by Jennifer Haupt

corpsebride exorcist_posterbig exorcism_of_emily_rose_xlg frankenweenie The_Grudge_movie Theringposter bagbones thing_xlg the-shining-original insidious Paranormal Activity others paranorman the-stand darkshadows americanhorrorstory


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