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Nautical Adventure, Drama & (one) Comedy

Nothing evokes the spirit of the Holiday season more than a bunch of overpaid actors being dunked in the water tank at Pinewood Studios.  Because it is almost Thanksgiving / Chirstmas / Chanukah / Winter  Solstice / Final Exams / Bodhi Day, here is a selection of the nautical-based films and TV series we have on DVD.

Captains-Courageous-DVD-L012569676749movies_crimson51TG6S86WDLeByBmgBmM51+62KTbRwLMV5BMTY0NTQxNTU517NJ5QTF1L51K7lJP-UAL2726328mutiny-on-bounty-marlon-brando-dvd-cover-art_thumbmutiny_bounty_DVD (671x800)bounty-mel-gibson-dvd-cover-artmOaMxwQoZgx8Yg8gWnkqAPgAAAE116930-0300566711-672689_500DVD-files71TXWVP7QKL00454937-382262_50051BKA1HBZBLkeyvideo
The Comedy? C’mon – have you seen the costumes Marlon Brando wears in Mutiny on the Bounty?


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