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Let’s Pretend They Serve Beer in Hell (a multiple choice review)

LetpretendthisneverhappenedAfter blogging for years about:

  1. her crazy taxidermist father
  2. his countless acts of debauchery;

the author:

  1. Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess)
  2. Tucker Max

scored a contract with a major publisher (so now we can pay to read what was once upon a time available for free on the Internet (just like “50 Shades of Gray”)), became a best seller, and now is poaching shelf space once held by Malcolm Gladwell at airport bookstores nationwide.

Our bloggers describe adventures hanging out with buddies in a:

  1. Napa County mountain retreat
  2. a strip club;

where they:Beerinhell

  1. spot a bear and/or mountain lion and/or large tabby cat by the pool
  2. attempt to reach the maximum reading on a breathalyzer.

The authors suffer from:

  1. crippling anxiety disorder
  2. utter lack of a moral compass.

As a bonus there are extended sections in rural Texas with scenes of:

  1. digging into deer pockets
  2. beer served “Rodeo Cold”.

Since the printing in book format of their Internet postings, both bloggers have crossed over into visual media with a:

  1. forthcoming ABC television series
  2. a direct-to-DVD feature film.

This book was recommended to me by:

  1. several Cal Maritime librarians
  2. a cadet during an all-hands drill in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Both collections conclude with a touching story involving:

  1. urine
  2. urine.

–By Mark Stackpole

P.S.: You may be shocked and awed to learn that you can borrow both of these books from the Cal Maritime Library! Click the book cover images above to see the catalog records.


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