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Staff Picks: Best Reads of 2013 (part 5)

eric's book recommendationsContinuing our favorite reads “best of” list for 2013, Eric Sprecher shares some knowledge about choice picks from the Cal Maritime Library.

Cosmos by Carl Sagancosmos

A fascinating read with many pictures to accompany the text. This book can be appreciated by anyone regardless of their scientific background. A required read for anyone who wants to open their imagination to outer space, and beyond!

Electric Universe by David Bodaniselectricuniverse

A very brief history on electricity from its discovery to its use in computers. This book puts you face to face with the geniuses and pioneers of their field, and describes how they came to their discoveries. The equations from electromagnetism cease to be only numbers and letters, and become stories filled with people, hardship, and successes.

Sealab: America’s Forgotten Quest to Live and Work on the Ocean Floor by Ben Hellwarth

An gripping history of deep sea diving and research conducted by the Navy. The goal was to see if a diver could live and work sealabon the ocean floor, without needing to come back to the surface for extended periods of time. An good read for anyone who wants to know more about deep-sea diving.


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