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Eric’s Excursions: USS Corry


First installment of Excursions with Eric

This find took me by surprise. All I wanted to do was ride the tide as far as I could up the Napa river, have lunch, and then ride the tide back out. I started out at the local Vallejo put in on Mare Island Causeway.  I recommend not having any valuables visible in your car when you do this as there are plenty of homeless people who like to frequent these grounds, but there are plenty of recreational boaters around to make me feel pretty safe. Better yet get a buddy of yours to drop you off, and pick you back up when you are done.

I rowed under Mare Island Causeway, then under highway 37, and was heading towards the power lines when I spotted something off in the distance. I couldn’t initially see what it was, but it was definitely large. It turned out to be a rusted out WWI battleship that had been dumped there over 80 years ago. The USS Corry was launched back in 1920, sold for scrap in 1930, and was simply towed up the Napa River to be left there on an embankment. It now serves as a landmark and fun place to go check out!

The Wreck Off in the Distance

The Wreck Off in the Distance

It’s Coming Right For Us!

It’s Coming Right For Us!

I stopped on one of the several islands to have lunch to wait for the tides to change before heading back to the strait. It was a leisurely paddle and took about 3 hours to complete from where I started.


Man Your Battlestations!

Man Your Battlestations!

–By Eric Sprecher

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