There and Back Again

What does Samuel Coleridge have to do with shipping containers?

Find out at the next Cal Maritime Scholar event. Dr. Colin Dewey, Culture & Communication, will present “There and Back Again: Lyric Poetry and the Disorientation of Commerce, followed by questions with Dr. Alex Parker, Science and Math.

Dr. Dewey’s research consists of reading current critiques of logistics and the globalized maritime commerce alongside lyric poetry from the long eighteenth century. He explores anxieties resulting from what were (and are) celebrated as increasingly efficient and beneficial  systems for the circulation of people, goods, and information, yet which are also profoundly disorienting and troubling to people all along the “supply chain.” In his presentation he will discuss how literary scholars develop ideas into research projects: how they use historical, theoretical, and literary source material to think about problems in the present as well as the past and how our research and teaching are essentially linked.

Join us Thursday, January 26, at 1100 in ABS101. Refreshments served!

The Cal Maritime Scholar series was created to promote a culture of  research and scholarship on campus. It aims to share the excitement of research projects happening right now at Cal Maritime. Each event includes an interview by a faculty member outside the speaker’s discipline. Sponsored by the Cal Maritime Library.



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