Who Owns the Rain? And Other Questions from the Intersection of Politics and Geophysics

The next Cal Maritime Scholar event will feature Dr. Kate Sammler, Global Studies & Maritime Affairs, in conversation with Dr. Aparna Sinha, Culture & Communication. Please join us on Thursday, Feb. 22, at 11:00 in ABS101.

Professor Sammler will discuss her academic journey from physics to geography and how her research on power and territory incorporates this broad training. From the ocean’s abyss to the vacuum of space, Dr. Sammler will summarize ongoing research projects addressing the inherent mismatch of legal and political systems as they are traced atop a dynamic natural world. These projects investigate the legal demarcation of coastlines in a world of rising seas, the ownership and management of rain and fog, and the privatization of outer space exploration. In all areas, her work considers the role of science, law, and power in defining global commons, access, and equity.

Refreshments served.



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