Return of the Toxic Algae: Does nutrient pollution in the San Francisco Estuary cause toxic algal blooms?

Please join us at the next Cal Maritime Scholar event, Thursday, September 20 at 11:00 in Peachman Auditorium. We’ll hear about the research of Dr. Alex Parker, Science & Math, followed by Q&A led by Dr. Elizabeth McNie, Marine Transportation. Please note the venue change.

Like many aquatic systems around the world, the San Francisco Estuary Delta (Delta), has seen increases in blooms of harmful cyanobacterial algae. Dr. Parker’s research evaluates the roles that nutrients play in controlling the location, size, and toxicity of these blooms. In his talk next Thursday, he will: 1) introduce the historical view of nutrient pollution in the SFE, 2) describe results from a series of nutrient addition experiments that he conducted using a toxic cyanobacterial algal bloom from the Delta, 3) discuss anticipated water quality improvements that may follow a mandated reduction in nutrient pollution in the Delta scheduled for 2021.

Refreshments served. Hope to see you there.



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