First Annual Student Research Panel

Please join us on Thursday, February 14, at 11:00 in Peachman Auditorium for the next Cal Maritime Scholar event.

For the first time, student researchers will take the stage as part of the Scholar series. Come hear about their work in partnership with Cal Maritime faculty. Research projects include investigations into California fisheries, wave dynamics, supercapacitors for renewable energy, concentric indexing, and massive computational cost models. Each undergraduate researcher will speak briefly on their specific project and why their research matters to them and their communities.

Panelists are Nora Anastasi, MET; Carson Alexander, ME; Jordan Eng, MT; Alex Sadamune, ME; Wyatt Sebourn, IBL; and John Wang, FET

Refreshments will be served!

The Cal Maritime Scholar series was created to promote a culture of  research and scholarship on campus. It aims to share the excitement of research projects happening right now at Cal Maritime. Each event includes an interview by a faculty member outside the speaker’s discipline. Sponsored by the Cal Maritime Library and Faculty Development.

Student Panel Web Flyer


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